Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient Eastern bodywork technique combining the principles of Yoga, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and Buddhism. Each session involves applied Hatha Yoga stretches, joint manipulation, accupressure, which are performed with a meditative approach.

The main aim of Thai Yoga Massage is to improve and re-balance the flow of energy within your energy channels (sen). This benefits body and mind alike.

Thai Yoga Massage with Sigita

What are the benefits of Thai Yoga Massage?
Thai Yoga Massage releases both physical and mental tension and depending on your needs, can be either relaxing or energising. It keeps all body systems healthy, and used therapeutically, can relieve backache, neck and shoulder pain, knee pain and headache, to name just a few.

A Thai Yoga Massage treatment is tailored to suit your individual needs, therefore everybody receives maximum benefit, regardless of size, age or level of fitness and flexibility. For those who do yoga, it is a great way to enhance and deepen their practice.

What does a Thai Yoga Therapy session involve?
Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a special futon spread on the floor. The client remains dressed during the treatment. As it is a truly holistic practice where the entire body is worked on, the minimum duration is 90 minutes. 

While you're lying or sitting on the futon, the therapist uses thumbs, palms, feet and elbows in a variety of techniques. During the treatment, the therapist remains totally present, tuned into the energy of the client.


£70/ 90 minutes
£85/ 120 minutes

Discounts available for current students.

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Sigita studied Thai Yoga Massage under the guidance of some of the most experienced and renowned teachers of this field: Ralf Marzen, Bob Haddad and Kira Balaskas in the UK and Jack Chaiya in Thailand. She qualified as a Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner with Mudita School of Thai Yoga Massage (registered with Complementary Medical Association and Thai Healing Alliance) in 2013. She has then completed Advanced Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner courses both with Ralf Marzen and Kira Balaskas as well as numerous shorter courses on various therapeutic aspects of Thai Massage.

" Sigita gave me the best Thai massage I ever had! I went to Thailand and had a couple but I must say Sigita was even better.'

- Ines Castro


Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the philosophy and practice of Yoga.

Yoga Therapy is different from a one-2-one Yoga session or general Yoga class. It involves a tailored practice for an individual with a particular health challenge. Traditionally, Yoga is concerned with a "normal" or healthy individual's personal transformation.

Yoga Therapy with Kieran

What are the benefits of Yoga Therapy?
The range of health challenges which could be helped with Yoga Therapy is broad. It includes chronic fatigue (ME) and chronic pain (fibromyalgia), depression/anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive conditions, migraines/headaches, back and shoulder pain, cardio-vascular and respiratory conditions, emotional issues, injuries and many more.The wonderful thing about this type of therapy is that it's complementary and can be used in conjunction with any conventional treatment.

What does a Yoga Therapy session involve?
Yoga Therapy is not a hands on therapy, although there may be some hands on work. It is also not a talking therapy, although there is plenty of talking involved.

Kieran will discuss your health challenge with you, will assess your physical condition - which may involve some hands on - and will agree a home practice with you. He'll recommend that you do a daily home practice between sessions, which are usually weekly or fortnightly. At subsequent sessions he'll review, refine, maintain or change your practice according to your needs.


£70/60 min

10% discount when booking for 5 or more sessions

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Kieran qualified as a Yoga Therapist with "Yogacampus" in London in 2013. It is one of the most respected courses in the UK. It's approach is non-dogmatic, pragmatic and draws on many different yoga traditions. Kieran is also registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, a voluntary regulator for the complementary healthcare industry. It is recognised and recommended by the UK government.

"I was extremely fortunate to be able take part in therapy sessions with Kieran.  I found that I was suffering from restricted breathing following a viral infection. I was prescribed asthmatic inhalers, however I had a strong resistance to medication and wanted to return to my previous level of fitness. The therapy sessions with Kieran concentrated on my breathing and helped to strengthen my diaphragm. By practising the exercises Kieran recommended I have noticed a marked improvement in my breathing particularly when exercising and hill climbing. So marked has been my improvement that I am now due to run the London marathon.I am extremely grateful to Kieran. He is an inspiring teacher and therapist and his work has resulted in a long term benefit and has enabled me to avoid medication."

-Lisa Bolgar-Smith