Yoga with... Sigita

Sigita's class is a fun, accessible and joyful learning experience. She fosters a warm and inviting safe space for students of all levels to enjoy their practice.  Asanas of all levels are broken down and demystified. If the full asana is too much, modifications are provided and if these are not possible then a preparatory pose is introduced to ready the body for the final asana.  All of Sigita`s teaching is against a backdrop of healthy and friendly enthusiasm. The positive physical practice culminates in the pranayama and gentle meditation which leads the practitioner to feel rested, rejuvenated, mentally relaxed and most of all ready for what life may bring them next.

- Laili Kwo

Yoga with... Weronika

''I would highly recommend Weronika's classes to anyone and everyone. She acknowledges that each body is different and demonstrates how yoga is accessible for all. In Weronika's classes the mind is as important and the body, and the focus is on working with yourself rather that against yourself. I leave feeling like all of me has been engaged.''

Esme Green

'Weronika is an incredibly attentive teacher. She quietly forms a special bond with every single one of her students and somehow manages to communicate to everyone individually through group practise - you know the exact moment she starts talking about you! Yoga has helped me with back pain and anxiety and has started teaching me about midfulness - I have discovered something that will stay in my life forever!"

Egle Sadauskaite

Our happy students