Yoga with Weronika

Practice yoga under the teacher's guidance at the comfort of your own home

All you need is a reliable internet connection, a laptop or a tablet with a camera and a microphone, a yoga mat and enough space to roll it out. 

The benefits of Skype classes are just the same as of individual classes taught in person: you can be sure that each session would be perfectly suited to your needs and that you would receive 100% of the teacher's attention. Setting the camera carefully would enable the teacher to see you just as well if not better than during a normal class. 

Weronika Chaberko

About Weronika

I started my Yoga journey 12 years ago and haven't looked back since. I became a teacher just 3 years after my first yoga class, at the age of 23. I trained in Sivananda Yoga and I strictly followed this classic Hatha Yoga style for many years, attracted to its holistic approach and spiritual depth. However, I was getting increasingly disillusioned with the unnecessary rigidity of the Sivananda sequence.

In September 2011, I moved to Streatham and started teaching local classes, seeing that there aren't any yoga classes including breath work or guided relaxation on offer in Streatham and the surrounding area. After moving to London, I began experimenting with and drawing inspiration from various styles of Yoga, from Forest to Scaravelli. I studied Yin Yoga under the guidance of Norman Blair and trained with Ralf Marzen and Kira Balaskas to become a Thai Yoga Massage therapist. This helped me to gain a much deeper understanding of the human body and t0 guide my students safely into their unique expressions of the poses. Years of regular Vipassana meditation practice naturally led me towards a more mindful and self-compassionate Yoga practice.

I have been teaching Yoga with... classes in Streatham for over 6 years when I suddenly felt I needed a break. It wasn't an easy decision to make but I followed the calling of my heart and left London for the new adventures and challenges awaiting me on another continent. In March 2018 I set off to South East Asia with a one-way ticket. I'm hoping that a long journey through this region will enrich my life in new and unexpected ways. Apart from travelling, I intend to study Thai Yoga Massage at its source, attend various Vipassana meditation retreats and obviously keep on exploring yoga. I couldn't possibly leave teaching, though. With the help of modern technology, I'd be able to offer Skype classes, to the old and new students alike, wherever I am. 

I believe diversity is important in the yoga practice, therefore apart from Hatha Yoga I also teach Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. I feel I'm evolving and improving my teaching with every year, striving to create a safe and friendly environment for everyone to practice. I believe Yoga shouldn't be about looking good or doing the poses 'right' but rather about feeling good and fully accepting oneself. Encouraging students to pay attention to the inner sensations and adjusting asanas (postures) so that they benefit a particular person with their own unique anatomy and mental state lies at the core of my teaching.


£45/ 60 min
Discounts available for the past students

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